Snow In March

Late March, at that.

The first day of spring, officially, was yesterday. You wouldn’t know it by today’s weather, though. Last night and early this morning the area where I live received probably three inches of snow. While that by itself isn’t a big deal, apparently there was a short tremor near me with the epicenter near Hopkinton, New Hampshire. I wasn’t aware of it until a few minutes before I started writing this, and apparently it lasted for 20-30 seconds.

Considering we’re talking about New England weather, this isn’t terribly aberrant. Just the same, it is a little bit annoying.

I was actually intending to go to work early today so that I could attend clinical rounds. Just as I was leaving my house, notification arrived by email that rounds were being cancelled. When this happens, the level of frustration is a little bit high. But it happens. So we wait for the next one. And we hope that the next one isn’t cancelled.

I am out of some of my prescription medications. The refills are waiting to be picked up, but I have to have time to get them. Lately, because of my work schedule, I haven’t had time to do much of anything. As a result, I’m starting to withdraw from one medication in particular, and I am starting to feel it. Not like opiate withdrawal; I can’t even imagine that. But I am dealing with increased fatigue and a headache that no amount of caffeine or ibuprofen will knock down. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick them up tonight. We’ll see.

This was the view from my yard this morning.


With luck, it will melt over the next couple of days. I am definitely ready for spring to set in.

Snow In March

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