Sitting in the room that functions as a library listening to the chatter in the room. It is actually pretty interesting and a little freaky; there were multiple conversations going on but now there is only one, and the topic keeps changing. It’s like listening to a room full of people who all have Attention Deficit Disorder.

Almost funny, but not quite.

Right now the thread is related to the busy nature of Friday overnights, the hair stylings of one of our supervisors, and the different vehicles that the Massachusetts State Police utilizes for operations statewide. Now two of the folks working are playing with a tape measure. They want to see how far they can extend it before it snaps.

Utter silliness. It is a great way to relieve stress.


This is the view of the door. I didn’t want to show the whole room because there are people in the room who I don’t want to offend or violate their privacy. The conversation is continuing while I write. Now the topic is registering automobiles in Massachusetts. I am not contributing to the conversation because it keeps changing; now the topic is ECG’s and cardiac rhythms. And Social Security. And criminal background checks…..

It is a hallmark of being an EMS provider. Being able to sort out multiple threads of conversation is important to some people. To others, being able to concentrate on one thread is critical.  I am inclined to think that this is more important, even though I have the ability to separate threads.

Today I transported a person from an area rehab center to a facility just outside of Portland, Maine. A gentleman who had fallen down a flight of stairs and broke numerous bones, including his neck. He is a quadriplegic as a result. In spite of his injuries he has a good attitude. That said, I don’t know what his quality of life will be. In addition to the neck, he has a number of other fractures, most of which were repaired surgically.

One of the things that is a problem with people who have neurological injuries is that regulating body temperature is a problem. This was no different. The heat in the patient compartment went on and off multiple times. Aside from that, he was actually an easy patient to take care of. And he was a really nice person.

I hope things work out for him.


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