The Parking Lot


I don’t want to be indoors today. This is in spite of the light drizzle that is falling as I write this. So my partner and I are sitting in the truck, listening to music, waiting. I ate some of my lunch a little while ago as well. We are both doing our own thing while we wait. She’s on her phone, presumably texting or surfing, and I am doing this.

Last night Martha and I watched the Oscars. With all of the publicity surrounding this year’s proceedings, I was expecting the experience to be a lot more tense. Actually, it wasn’t that at all; it was reasonably well done. At least I thought so. Parts of it were funny. Other parts were poignant. Most of it was, as it usually is, tinged with political overtones. But overall it was a good show. I was personally gratified to see Spotlight, the movie about the coverage of Catholic church sex abuse by the Boston Globe, win the award for Best Picture. That whole episode left me, and my faith, deeply shaken. However, the Globe’s coverage made dealing with it less difficult. Their coverage was thorough, professional, and most of all, courageous. At least in my opinion it was. If you consider the hurdles the team had to negotiate while they were doing their job, courage is an understatement.

While I’m writing this, one of the city trucks was dispatched for an unresponsive person. Most of these calls end up either being for overdoses or alcohol intoxication, the former being more likely. But in this case, it was neither.

All I will say is that it was not a good outcome.

So I will continue to sit. And I will await being dispatched. Since I don’t know what we will get, all we can do is wait.

The Parking Lot

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