My work schedule changed yesterday. Instead of the floating, uncertain schedule that I had for the first 5 months of working at my full-time job, I have a fixed schedule. I am now working Monday through Friday, 11AM-7PM. If yesterday is any indication of how things are going to go, I am going to be good with it.

How does an EMS provider land such a schedule, you might ask? Most of the time we work 24 hour shifts. The reason for this one is because it is what is known as an “impact” truck. What that means is that we are on the schedule for the busiest part of the day. That in itself is fine; give me two back-to-back specialty care transport runs and my day is complete. From a revenue standpoint, it is a win-win for the company; they get to squeeze hard work out of us over a short time, plus it makes them considerable money to boot. And it’s a win-win for me because at the end of the day I get to sleep in my own bed. Plus I get to spend time with Martha, which I otherwise might not get to do.

As for the other jobs I have, I’m making decisions about those. And I’ll talk about them later. For now, however, I have to finish getting ready for work as it is nearly time for me to go. I need to put on a shirt and my boots, take my daily dose of medications, and hit it.

I will make an attempt to put up another post later on today, provided time is available. We’ll see.