A Day Makes All The Difference

Today is a better day.

I can honestly say that I feel better than I did. For whatever reason, I needed time to work through that which caused the problems I was dealing with. And the time made a great deal of difference.

I spent most of it just being. Weezy, my new best buddy, went for a ride in the car with me. I think it is really funny that she loves riding in the car. But then most dogs do, I think. When we got back home, she wanted to stay outside. So we did. For about four hours.


She has become a real part of the family since she has been with us. It’s understandable that she would have her moments; there are still times when she will shy away from either of us. But then she bounces back. I can say with a fair amount of confidence that she is comfortable in our house. She has no problem sleeping on our bed, like she probably is doing now as I write this. She also has multiple places where she can hole up if she needs to; she has a crate in our office – her “safe place” for when she gets stressed. And we got a bed for her to sleep in that is in our bedroom as well. She seems to like both quite a bit.

This is what it looked like here today.IMG_0746 The fall colors are really starting to pop. It’s only a matter of time before they peak, I think, and it won’t be too long before that happens. This fall has been unusual in that it stayed warm really late. Even today wasn’t horrible; I was able to be outside with a sweat shirt on and be comfortable. Looking at this weekend’s weather forecast says that temperatures will likely drop to levels that are usually expected sometime in mid-November. But next week is supposed to warm back up to more seasonable levels again.

Tomorrow will be a totally new day. What will happen then is unknown at best. And nobody can predict what each day will bring. Two things I know, though: life is fragile, and each day is a gift. While these two facts would seem to be a paradox, they both remain. And there is nothing anyone can do to change it.

At least right now, I’m okay with that.


A Day Makes All The Difference

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