Fatigue has definitely settled in.

I’m pretty wiped out because of the work schedule I’ve been keeping.  And over the next couple of weeks it shows no signs of letting up. That’s mainly because of the way things have shaken out with the way I’ve been able (or not) to pick up shifts at all of my jobs. I’d really like to not have to scramble each week to earn my living, but unfortunately it has become more common than not to have to do that. But I’m dealing with it. At least I’m trying to.

Just about a week ago Martha,  my wife, and I adopted a dog. A two year-old American Pit Bull. Her name is Louise – actually, we found out her full name is Louise Lily – but we have taken to calling her “Weezy.”


We don’t know a great deal about her, but here’s what we do know. She is approximately two years old. At one point in her early life she had puppies; when she was found her pups were with her, roaming around the greater Atlanta area. The family that originally had adopted her wanted to take her and the other dogs they owned everywhere but couldn’t due to what appears to be issues with socialization. But she was crate trained and housebroken. She has an incredibly sweet disposition. She is also extremely intelligent and is really curious about everything. Plus, she is a couch potato, for the most part. And she won both of our hearts pretty quickly.

I believe the wisdom about rescued dogs is true: when we rescue them, they in fact really rescue us.

It will be fun to get to know her over time more. I think she will be a great companion for both of us, especially for Martha when I work my crazy shifts. And for me on those days when I am off and she is working. We both already are happy she is with us. The other thing is that Martha and I now have one more thing that has both of our interests. Not that we didn’t have enough before, but having a dog gives us more purpose. And that’s okay; it is also true that when we add others to our life, love grows that much more. That is absolutely true. And I’m glad about it.


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