Justice For Bella

The identification of this little girl has been the subject of many stories in the news media over the past few days. Initially known as “Baby Doe”, she was identified as Bella Bond. She was two years old.


Her parents have also made the news media as well. Her mother, and her boyfriend, have been charged with her murder. Rachelle Bond has been charged as an accessory after the fact, which basically means she knew what happened and hid the little girl’s body. In a refrigerator.

The boyfriend, Michael McCarthy, reportedly said that Bella was possessed by demons. He is alleged to have either suffocated her or beat her to death.

Bella’s father, Joe Amoroso, according to media reports, supposedly tried to gain custody of Bella. Not long after he arrived back in the Boston area to do this is when Bella was identified. And Amoroso has taken the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families to task over their handling (or mishandling, depending on who you listen to) of Bella since her birth. Considering that Rachelle, her mother, has had parental rights to her two older children terminated as well as incidents being investigated regarding Bella in 2010 and 2013, perhaps the little girl should have been taken from her as well.

No matter how you look at this case, it stinks. And it stinks from many angles. I say this because this little girl was failed by everybody around her. Not just her mother as well as her father, but by people who were clued into what was going on. As well as the system. And they did nothing.

This affected me when I read about it at the time Bella’s body was found. It really bothered me (as it should anyone who has any sense of right or wrong) that someone could dump a child’s body into the water. Having it be found in the way that it was, on Deer Island, wrapped in a garbage bag, was like being hit with a hammer. And it has affected me further ever since. The reason why is simple: I am a parent and a grandparent. I think about my children and grandchildren every day, worry about their well-being, love them in spite of their not being with me physically, want them to be and do well, and not want anything to happen to them. I especially worry about both of my granddaughters. Not because I fear for their safety or anything like that; I know they are in wonderful hands. But I still worry because it is instinctive for me to do so. Plus I love them like it is nobody’s business, and I expect to do both – love them and worry about them – until the day I die. And because of the way I feel about my children and their children, I can’t imagine how or why anyone would allow such a heinous thing to happen to their child.

Is it because Rachelle Bond was so anesthetized by her drug habit that she didn’t know what she was doing? Or did she really not give a shit? Did Michael McCarthy really think she was possessed? Or did he simply not want her in his life and figured that murdering her and using this as an excuse would be the easy way out? And did Joe Amoroso really try to help his daughter? Or is he another scum-sucking pig that was trying to get his fifteen minutes of fame somehow?

I don’t know the answers to any of these questions. I don’t think anyone really does except for the people in question. In spite of that, I really hope Bella gets justice. She deserves it.

Justice For Bella

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