Uproar Over A Stethoscope

I didn’t watch the Miss America pageant this past weekend. It has never interested me, other than the occasional peek at the pageant contestants to see how they look in their swimwear. I won’t lie about that; it’s a guy thing, I suppose. But I can’t stand the vapid responses the contestants give to questions asked by the judges. I know there is a level of competition pressure that is present, and most people, no matter how well-prepared they are, would likely say things that may not come out the way they intended. The contestant from Georgia, who actually won, gave a totally inadequate and foolish answer to the question she was asked about Tom Brady and “DeflateGate.”

But that’s not what I’m writing this post about.

I’m writing about Kelley Johnson, Miss Colorado. She was given some grief on an episode of “The View” that aired this week, specifically about her choice of talent presentation. She gave a two-plus minute monologue on why she is a nurse.

I didn’t really give this too much thought until I saw the uproar on social media. Then I watched both the monologue and the clip from “The View.” I found the comments to be, for lack of a better word, tasteless. Plus, there was considerable backlash against the cast from a lot of different people. The main source of this was from nurses, but there was commentary from others, including a decent sized number of EMS personnel, including me.

And yes, Joy Behar – actually everyone on that particular episode of “The View” – owes Kelley Johnson an apology.

Uproar Over A Stethoscope

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