Thunder and Lightning

While I sit here and write this post, there is an intermittent thunder and lightning storm going on outside. I am at work, which in itself is almost never bad. But I’m always concerned that a lightning strike is going to happen somewhere, hitting a telephone pole, a house, an unsuspecting person…. That is an unsettling thought; I know that it happens, but I always hope it doesn’t happen to someone close to me. I’m not sure how I’d react to that.

Speaking of unsettling things, I recently read a news story about the potential of “big” viruses being found in the Siberian permafrost. Okay – a big virus (defined as one that can be seen under a light microscope) is a little bit scary. If the virus in question is not a lethal or pathogenic organism, then it would be interesting to see if its genome can be mapped and to figure out how it ticks. On the other hand, as the permafrost is becoming less frosty, ostensibly due to global warming (another subject for another post, to be sure) what if a truly lethal pathogen is unearthed and accidentally unleashed?

Is this potentially a case of science fiction becoming science fact? I don’t know, mainly because I know nothing of what has been found up to now. And what I’ve read is nothing more than news reporting. Some research into this would be worth doing, mainly to satisfy my own curiosity. And I’d be interested to see what I find. More to follow.

So my writing groove is coming back. As time goes on I hope I can be a little more diverse. I have no doubt that I will. Expect truly random things as time goes on. I can only hope this is a good start down that path.


Thunder and Lightning

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