A New Start


I truly hope this is a good re-start of my blogging career that went interrupted due to a long hiatus. I decided to try a new venue for writing as I felt – a while ago, in fact – that I ran out of steam. Plus, I felt that I had definitely limited myself in what I could write without realizing it. So, in the words of the late Henri Nouwen, “always we begin again.”

A little about the name of this blog. “Qui Interrogat” is a Latin term which roughly translates as, “One Who Asks Questions.” This is a little different than my previous blog, “Life In Manch Vegas”, where I was fairly narrow in most of my writing. A large part of it was about working as a Paramedic with other things mixed in. In this blog, I’ll likely do some of that as well – talking about the job and about EMS in general. I can’t help that; it is in my blood. But I am going to try to focus on many other things. Ideas that I have. And, mostly, as the title says, questions that I want to find answers to. Expect to see quite a bit of that here.

Comments, as always, are welcome. Questions are also very much welcome; I likely will not be able to answer the vast majority of them, and that is the point. It is about sparking discussion. I also will do as many other bloggers do, and put a lot up on social media. Plus I’ll share that content also. So expect to see some good, productive, fruitful weirdness come out of here from time to time.

I also plan to make changes to how this blog looks in the near future. It is like building a shelter or a new house; make it simple to start then add to it, making it better, more serviceable, and more attractive to look at. We’ll see how it goes.

I look forward to writing a lot more. I’m doing this in the hope that I can stay mentally healthy, and that is among many goals that I have. And I’m looking forward do writing more soon.


A New Start

3 thoughts on “A New Start

  1. Thank you, Chris. I’m definitely going to try to write much more than I have. As I said, I took a bit of an enforced break because I just couldn’t get motivated. So we try again, hopefully a good attempt. Not that I did poorly with the previous blog, but it was time, I think, to change gears.


  2. Karen Brook says:

    Great idea, Walt, and a super start! I look forward to your “good, productive weirdness” 🙂 As I’ve been continuing to begin again, I’ve been thinking of getting back to blogging beyond the scope of my previous writing. Quite a challenge as for 13 years I wrote a regular faith-based self-help encouragement counseling column for a newspaper. My only strictly secular writing was as a movie reviewer with a weekly column for a newspaper for 5 years. Of course I have a rather expansive world view as you do. And always my faith is woven into it….as is the same for you! So “reinvention” in writing will be quite a challenge. We’ll see. I have a seemingly insurmountable task ahead of me as I will be moving back to Hopkinton later this fall….hoping to beat the snow!! PACKING!!! Oy…. Be well, my friend!


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